In 1+1 Media Inc, We Utilitize our years of hands-on marketing experiance to create Personalized solutions that help your business grow.Our team is ready with innovative ideas designed to market your brand in the best way possible 

Our wide range of tools can be used in anything from postioning a new brand in the minds of consumers to the helping an already established brand flourish. We tailor our services and use our expertise in a way that best suits you and your business. No job is too small or too big for us, call and give us a try. We are here for you!


To promote and empower businesses and organizations that are striving to make a positive difference throughout the world.

In establishing 1+1 Inc. our approach was centered on the betterment of people and the enviorionment in which we live and operate. encouraging and initiating postive change for the busineesses and organzations we repesent and the people affected by their under takings.

Our Clients are our main focus, therefore we strive to establish partnerships with businesses and organizations whose views and core values align with ours.

By engaging with businesses and organizations with common goals, we not only speed up the delivery of global positive change,but also operate as a motiviated workplace of which the benefits are plentiful.

Our Services

  • Digital Marketing- It is critical to develope a strong web presence and online marketing strategy we have the following plans to help you get there: PPC,Social Media Content, Ad Content, Analytics and UX, E-Commerce and more
  • Event Marketing-We attend trade shows and/or events to represent you company, travel to third world countries to deliver aid, help with fundraiser or simply give out brochures
  • Target reserach marketing-We provide compeitiror,  Target audience and growth potential analysis The Results are used to only target your goal audience
  • Branding-Set yourself apart from the rest. We help you do this by creating and developing a unforgettable logo and collaterals